Wednesday, September 1, 2010

African-American Military History Museum

During this past summer, I took my girlfriend to the African American Military History Museum so we could both enjoy the rich history that African Americans have in the United States armed services. The museum has exhibits that show the involvement of black people in the military since the Revolutionary War all the way up to the current Global War on Terrorism. Even though black people were enslaved up until the Civil War and segregated until President Truman integrated the military after World War II they still served valiantly and were highly decorated in every war that the United States has been involved in. The exhibit starts you out with the Revolutionary War and the black soldiers that fought for America’s independence from England, and then you walk through the narrow halls of the exhibit through the Civil War portion, the Spanish-American War, and you can sit atop a horse that a Buffalo Soldier would ride during the Spanish-American War. The exhibit then takes you through “No Man’s Land” in World War I and every war up to the current war. The exhibit also shows significant Hattiesburg residents who served in America’s numerous wars over the years. The last stops in the museum are a movie that reinforces everything that you have seen throughout the exhibit and an area where you can try on actual military uniforms from various branches of the military and walk through the hall of famous black soldiers from the Hattiesburg area.

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