Monday, October 4, 2010

Budget Cuts at the University of Southern Mississippi (Revisited)

    Since my last blog posting about the initial plans for the budget cuts at USM, alot has been added to the issue on campus. Recently there were protests in front of the Administration building, where concerned students got out and made their feelings known to the decision makers at USM. Unfortunately I was not able to attend and voice my concerns over the cuts, but I'm sure that the President got an idea of how the majority of students feel about the situation. There was also a townhall meeting hosted by the President Saunders to address the budget cuts and answer questions that the students had. From what I heard she really didn't do that great of a job in making the students feel at ease or making them understand how they decided what to cut and what not to cut.
     I believe that the elimination of the Latin, and Religion majors will come back to bite USM in the ass. Two of the professors that are listed to be fired (1 Latin professor, 1 Religion professor), I had the pleasure of being in their classes and learning from them and it would be a serious loss to the university to lose these two professors and lose these two majors, BUT HEY, we still have all of our sports going full throttle!
    Speaking of which, after having countless mediocre seasons the football team looks as if they want to do better than just 7-6 or 8-5 this season. I think they are trying to justify the athletic department not getting their budget cut by trying to win more games this season...that's what they better do! I'm rooting for my Golden Eagles this year like every year, but having a good season will not justify the athletic department not getting its fair share of the budget cuts...having another mediocre season though should put them in the list as departments needing its budget cut!

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