Friday, October 15, 2010

Watered Down Graduation in December 2010?!?!

  I'm curious as to why the powers that be at the University of Southern Mississippi have decided to go back to two graduations for the December 2010 commencement ceremony, and not have one large ceremony in the stadium for the fall centennial graduation like they did for the spring graduation. As someone who is graduating in December I feel like the graduates deserve some of the same treatment that the graduates in May received. For example, the big graduation in M.M. Roberts Stadium at one specific time on a Saturday (not a Friday, like the December ceremony) so everyone could come would be nice, the big medallions with the dome and the centennial design on it would also be nice, and all the spectacle would be nice.
   December 2010 is still a part of the centennial celebration year, so why do we get the second rate, two ceremony, Friday graduation? Yes, I still get my diploma, but the glitz and the special treatment would be nice as well. I guess the university's claims of being strapped for cash is playing a part in the university watering down the fall commencement; no money for medallions and turning the campus lights on on a Saturday. Maybe the university could save the money by keeping the lights off for a football game on a random Saturday (it would make the game more interesting) and putting that money into buying centennial medallions for December graduates and making graduation December 11, 2010 (Saturday), instead of December 10, 2010 (Friday).

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